Catch Prized Red Snapper Near Venice, Louisiana

On a Charter Fishing Trip with Captain Brett Ryan

Red snapper are arguably the most coveted variety of reef fish that we catch on our charter fishing trips of Venice, Louisiana. Maybe it’s because their white, flaky flesh tastes great no matter how you cook it (either filleted or on the “half shell”). But we think it’s because they’re just so much fun to catch! Rig fishing for red snapper offers fast action and tough fights, all wrapped up with a tasty reward at the end.

The Red Snapper Natural Habitat

The waters off the coast of Venice, Louisiana make the perfect location for a trophy red snapper hunt. While there are plenty of these fish available under ten pounds that inhabit shallower waters, the larger snappers stick to deeper spots, sometimes hundreds of feet bellow the surface.

Red snapper typically live under or within structures that are far off the coast and deep into the water. This makes the gulf waters off of Venice, Louisiana the perfect habitat because here are many drilling ships, oilrigs, and other large structures which lie just off our coast. Captain Brett will take you right to the best snapper hotspots for your fishing expedition.

The Venice, Louisiana Red Snapper Fishing Experience

There are many choices for red snapper fishing, using everything from live bait, cut bait and even artificial lures. Anglers have the option to drop deep and bottom fish, or to chum the water to bring snapper to the surface. Talk to Captain Brett to find out what sort of fishing adventure you would like, and there is a good chance we will find a rig or spot that fits in perfectly.

Another great part of snapper fishing is that you don’t always have to go far offshore, making it a great day for new anglers, families and those who tend to get seasick. We often catch snapper at nearby rigs, sometimes less than 5 miles from shore.

While snapper is generally a smaller species of fish as compared to the tuna, it is certainly not uncommon to catch one that is over thirty pounds, especially when fishing near a Louisiana oil rig. There is, however, a legal limit of only two per angler per day. If you want to keep fishing after you have reached your bag limit, there are many other great reef fish in the area, such as mangrove snapper or grouper.

Your fishing captain will direct you toward all of the best spots for Louisiana sport fishing, many of which only our highly experienced crews know about.

Contact us today to set up your unforgettable red snapper charter fishing trip out of Venice, Louisiana with Captain Brett Ryan.