Thanks Capt. Tre and Capt. Brett! These guys put me and my 3 buddies on the fish at several locations! When the reeling got tough, they were there to help. Tuna caught, tuna cleaned, tuna on the grill tonight. These guys are the best guides I have been with in my many fishing trips. Can’t wait until the early spring of next year!

– Curtis Storz

You got that right, Curtis! An action-packed day out with a couple of real pros. Will definitely go with you again. Seared yellowfin tuna on the dinner table last night, grilling yellowtail tonight!

– John Mannion

Brett thanks for an awesome trip and helping my son catch his first yellowfin tuna!

– Andre Savoie

Thanks to Capt. Brett Ryan for another awesome trip . We slammed them again! Weather it was jigging on the rigs or chunking for tunas we caught lots of great fish including this beautiful 100 plus lb yellowfin. Tight lines boys!

– Tyler

Thanks again Brett and Jane!! We had an amazing time and also an amazing catch. When we decided to have you guys try and put us on some snapper, I don’t think any of us realized how successful we would be. Yesterday was definitely the best day fishing I have had in a long time, and we owe it all to you.

– Josh Fogarty

Went out with Captain Bret on Wednesday. The weather was hit or miss due to a line of storms in Texas. We ended up going out a little late due to the weather. Water was rough and not for the meek but the sun was shinning. We made it out to the Gulf and had a great time. Everyone hit Red Snapper. Bret and Deckhand Jane kept everything moving along.

If you’re a local or serious, this is who y’a want. Can’t wait to get back to Venice for more.

Thanks again Captain Bret and Jane!!!

– Garrick A. Rose

Had a great time fishing yesterday with Capt. Brett Ryan. We started the day with a wind in our face (10-15) but it really paid off! We had our limit of beautiful red snappers in no time and then went after the Mangroves. Whaaaaam!!!! Mangrove on!!!! These hard hitters were awesome and they were AS BIG AS THE RED SNAPPER! The to top it off Mr.Cobia came to the party! That was icing on the cake!!! Deckhand Jane (we left Tarzan at home) added to the adventure. We all came home with plenty of meat and a some great memories!

– John Lippincott

It was nice to head back to Venice from San Antonio, TX. I try to make a trip once a year. This year was pretty much a perfect storm. My Dad was able to come, it was my best friends birthday, I was able to catch up with family, and the weather couldn’t be better. The Gulf was like glass. And if that is not enough, our deckhand, Janice, was a hottie.LOL. We started out last Sunday, July 3rd, limiting out on snapper in about 35 minutes. We didn’t have to go much further for Tuna, but unfortunately, we didn’t have much luck with them. We set out for mangros and caught a couple of them and then ended up with a 30 pound cobia.

Its amazing how captain Brett not only knows what rig the fish or at, but also knows what type of fish are at each rig. It really does take a lot of experience to know the instincts of each type of fish. Its crazy that mangro snapper and red snapper were 30 miles apart that day and that mangro snapper are smart enough to see a hook while red snapper will eat anything, even with the hook exposed.

The thing I liked most about the trip is the time I spent with friends and family and being treated like a friend from Captain Brett and Jane {AKA Janice}. Brett is very dedicated to his business and loves the fishing life. Janice is an extremely hard working girl who will work her hands to the bone to make sure everyone has a good time and everyone is happy.

It was fun getting to know the two and I learned a lot about them. Brett went to the same high school as me, loves to play some awesome bad ass NOLA Jazz and blues music while fishing, hangs out with a couple of local celebrities.

I had a lot of fun with Brett and Jane and I definitely plan to keep in touch with them. And next year Jane, I’m gonna get that 66 pounder out there I was visualizing. Hes got a whole year to swim around, but I’ll find him next year with ya’ll.

– Brian