Tuna Charter Fishing Trips in Venice, Louisiana

Hookup with a Yellowfin or Blackfin Tuna!

Chasing tuna is perhaps the ultimate in big-game offshore fishing. Seasoned anglers never seem to get tired of the big fight, and “tuna virgins”, as we call them, love the experience of catching that first big fish. Captain Brett Ryan provides all this and more on year round tuna fishing charter trips out of Venice, Louisiana.

What to Expect When Fishing for Louisiana Tuna

On our tuna charter trips out of Venice, catching blackfin tuna is always a possibility no matter what time of the year it is. However, the majority of our anglers come down in search of their very own yellowfin that they can hang on the wall back at the marina for an unforgettable dock-shot!

During the warmer summer months, yellowfin tend to run in the 40 to 60 pound range (football size as we call them), but it is not unusual to catch a tuna over 150 pounds even in the summer. However, in the winter, the really huge tuna make their way to Louisiana’s Gulf Coast. And while we may not catch as many tuna in terms of quantity, we certainly make up for it in the quality of fish with some fish topping the 200 pound mark.

Tuna tend to travel in schools, and we often spot them coming up close to the surface from aboard the boat, making it possible to sight cast with poppers if you prefer. However, like many other species of fish, tuna are attracted to large natural or manmade formations that are far off the coast. The many salt domes and floating rigs off the coast of Louisiana make great gathering places for tuna, and we can take you to where they are.

The Midnight Lump off the Coast of Venice

The Gulf of Mexico, particularly in the area near Venice, Louisiana, is a special place for fishing for many reasons. One reason is that it is one of the only regions in the entire world where you can go fishing any time in the year.

We fish for tuna throughout most of the gulf throughout the summer, but during the winter months you might want to consider making a trip to the “Midnight Lump”.

The Midnight Lump is a popular fishing hotspot approximately 50 miles from the dock in Venice. At this location, there is a large salt dome that causes the water to become shallow, and for small bait fish to become trapped in the current. This attracts tuna like crazy, as well as many other large types of fish.

Your Venice, Louisiana Tuna Fishing Trip

While fishing for tuna, we may use many different strategies including:

  • Live baiting
  • Chumming
  • Kite Fishing
  • Top Water Fishing

This is a great opportunity for new fishermen to get their feet wet when it comes to different techniques. Each person can legally bag three of their very own tuna, if they can handle it!

Contact us today to book your Venice, Louisiana tuna fishing charter trip today with Captain Brett Ryan.