Chase Billfish off Louisiana’s Gulf Coast

With Captain Brett Ryan in Venice, Louisiana

Billfish are the ultimate big game fish, and are coveted by nearly all sport fishermen. Seeing the lines go down, and reeling in a blue or white marlin is an experience that you will never forget as these fish are not only known for being incredibly large, but also for providing a legendary fight.

Venice, Louisiana is a great place to target billfish. And no one gives you a better day on the water than Captain Brett Ryan!

Off the gulf coast of Louisiana, we typically target white or blue marlin on our offshore charter fishing trips. The smaller white marlin are great for light tackle action. But the giant blue marlin has no equal, and can put up a big fight that has been known to last for hours. It’s just a question of who will give up first – you, or the fish!

What to Expect from Louisiana Billfish

When chasing these types of fish, you have to be willing to put in the time and effort to really hunt for them. They are highly migratory fish that often travel alone, making them very elusive.

Billfish are most frequently found off the coast of Venice, LA in the deep waters near the continental shelf. They tend to meander through areas where a large number of baitfish can be found. On days when we are able to locate a good, clean rip line, we will often spend time trolling that rip as marlin are often nearby.

The Unique Marlin Fishing Experience

Fishing for marlin, or any other large billfish, is an experience unlike any other. These fish can be well over 100 inches and length, and easily over 1,000 pounds. It can be next to impossible for an angler to reel in a Marlin if they do not have the right crew, boat, and support behind them.

This is when our services make a billfish catch and release possible. We provide the right bait that will appease these finicky eaters, the boat, tackle, leaders, lines, and other necessary equipment in order to give you the support you need.

Of course, you also have an experienced captain as a crucial resource. Captain Brett and his crew provide the knowledge necessary to support you as you are attempting to reel in the catch of your life.

If you are interested in catching a massive billfish, including a white or blue marlin, off the coast of Venice Louisiana, contact us today to line up your dates for a charter fishing trip.

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