Visit Venice, Louisiana for the Ultimate Offshore Louisiana Charter Fishing Trip

If you want to experience the fishing trip of a lifetime, you cannot go wrong by choosing to start your journey just off the coast of Venice, Louisiana, as we do every day. While the Gulf of Mexico is home to some of the most diverse and abundant varieties of sport fish, many of the best locations for fishing are close to the Louisiana coast. That’s why fishermen of every kind, from TV celebrities to seasoned anglers to Tuna Virgins, come to Venice to fish from all over the world.

The Unique Fishing Opportunities Only Available Here

It is no coincidence that so many varieties of fish can be found near Venice, Louisiana where the Mississippi River deposits cold, nutrient-rich water into the warmer waters of the gulf. This combination of water, nutrients and the steep continental shelf makes for fishing unlike just about anywhere else in the world.

There are several landmarks that attract many of the most coveted types of fish:

The Midnight Lump

Approximately 20 miles off the coast of Louisiana is what locals call The Midnight Lump, famous for producing giant yellow fin tuna (200+ pounds). The “lump” is actually a salt dome that creates a shallow area of water where you will find some of the most exciting fishing opportunities available during the winter months.

Continental Shelf

The continental shelf, which runs throughout a significant portion of the gulf just off Louisiana’s coast, attracts some of the largest game fish including massive yellow fin tuna and billfish. Along the deep waters of the shelf, floating rigs provide habitat for bait – which in turn, of course, attracts the big fish!

Rip Fishing

The warm waters of the gulf often collide to form what fisherman call “The Rip”, a place where two water currents meet. When fishing along the rip, we often find miles of floating cover provided by sargassum and underneath which small fish run to hide. Rip fishing trips often produce mahi-mahi, bull dolphin, wahoo and billfish.

Rig Fishing

The Louisiana coast attracts anglers that are interested in near shore rig fishing. There are over 3,700 oilrigs located off the coast of Louisiana, and they all attract numerous varieties of fish, depending on the depth of each rig. Rig fishing trips generally target red snapper, but when snapper season is closed we also target cobia, amberjack and grouper at the rigs.

Benefit from Louisiana Fishing Experience

Captain Brett and his crew have been fishing the waters around Venice, Louisiana for more than 20 years. Over this time, they have learned where the best locations are to target very specific species of fish, no matter what time of year of what the weather conditions are.

So instead of trying out new fishing spots on your own, let us use our experience to make your Louisiana fishing trip as successful and enjoyable as possible. Our goal is to create a memorable and entertaining Gulf of Mexico fishing adventure.

Contact us today to book a Venice, Louisiana fishing adventure of your own.

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