Fast Paced Venice, LA Charter Fishing Action for Mahi-Mahi

Rest assured, when we mention fishing for dolphin, we are not referring to bottle-nosed dolphins, but the “dolphin” fisherman know as mahi-mahi. These are among the most popular fish that we catch on our charter fishing trips off the coast of Venice, Louisiana, as they make for an exciting fishing experience that is perfect for seasoned fishermen or someone’s very first fishing trip.

A few facts about mahi-mahi:

  • They are also known as dolphin or Dorado
  • They are generally bright green with a blue accent color
  • The are generally between 10 to 20 pounds
  • They travel in schools (except for bulls which travel alone)
  • Are very strong and fast swimmers

Mahi-mahi is a Hawaiian word that means “strong-strong”. This is in reference to the fun, exciting, and powerful fight that the dolphin-fish provides anglers.

The Mahi-Mahi Louisiana Fishing Experience

Mahi are found off the coast of Venice, Louisiana in abundance, especially during the months of spring months and into May and June. Mahi-mahi breed plentifully, and therefore there is currently no need for a bag limit. This is just one of many reasons these fish are highly targeted by game fishers in the area.

Those who have done it might describe mahi-mahi fishing as a poorly planned fire drill. This is because once you hook into a school of mahi-mahi, the fishing doesn’t stop until either the bait is gone, or the deck is too covered in fish to move! Mahi-mahi tend to run in schools, and once you hit on a school you will likely catch A LOT of fish!

Our anglers also love chasing the larger bull dolphin, which tend to be solitary fish that travel alone. Bulls can get as large as 60-70 pounds off Louisiana’s coast, and taste fantastic on the grill.

Have Plenty of Fish to Take Home with You

Mahi-mahi is one of our favorite species to target, not only because they are so fun to catch, but because they make such great table fare. Your boat captain will use techniques such as trolling live baits, skirted baits, and naked ballyhoo in order to drum up plenty of activity for you.

While many sport fishermen target mahi-mahi looking for trophy sized bulls, they are an ideal objective for first time fishermen, especially for children or family fishing outings. Even when not fishing, you can enjoy watching these bright green fish jump out of the water around the boat. These active and abundant fish make for a very entertaining day out in the gulf.

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Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!!

Summertime in this here in the fishing is off to a great start! Here is the report from my Lodge.

Summertime is here!!!! Had an amazing Memorial weekend with the Fairbanks group. These guys have been fishing Memorial weekend with me for eight years now. And we always have a blast! Not forgetting the other trips they take here during the year as well!!
With tropical storm Alberto bearing down on us for the weekend we made the decision to take a quick Friday afternoon trip and not run offshore on Sunday. Friday afternoon we made a quick limit of mangrove snapper and headed back to the lodge for dinner. On Saturday we ran off shore in search of tuna. In the morning we added a couple of black fin tuna to the box then made a short stop to catch our limit of Amberjack. We then headed to pull trolling baits on the rip line. We ended up catching 114 pounds of what was left of probably a 150 pound yellowfin tuna that the sharks decided to take a few bites out of. Calling it a day after some great fishing we headed back to The Waypoint for a crawfish boil that evening. By this time tropical storm Alberto was making his presence known in Destin and far away from us. Even though it was too rough to go offshore on Sunday Captain Rok of Venice Guide Service Took the guys out inshore fishing for redfish. And they had a blast quickly catching their limits between two boats by 11 AM.

We hope everyone had as wonderful of a memorial day weekend as we did here in Venice. The summer is just starting and we have a few months left of some excellent fishing give us a call to get in on the action!

Capt Brett Ryan
Venice, La