Wahoo Charter Fishing Trips in Venice, LA

With Captain Brett Ryan

Wahoo fishing is some of the most fun “big game” fishing you will find. With giant teeth, a bad attitude, and the ability to swim up to 50 miles an hour, wahoo make for a great day of fishing. If you are looking for a wahoo charter fishing trip in Venice, Louisiana, contact Captain Brett Ryan today to ensure you have a great day on the water!

The wahoo is an ideal fish to target for sport, as they are difficult to find, are always a challenge to reel in, and few things taste better on the grill than the white, flaky meat of a wahoo. Around the world, this variety of fish goes by many different names, including:

  • Pacific kingfish
  • Oahu
  • Ocean barracuda
  • Ono

Ono is a Hawaiian word meaning delicious, and is therefore very fitting for this fish. After you catch it, you will certainly enjoy taking it home and preparing it in a multitude of dishes as it has flaky, white, and succulent meat.

Targeting Wahoo Off the Coast of Louisiana

There are two primary reasons that this is such a difficult fish to catch:

  • They do not travel in large schools, so they are more difficult to find.
  • They are extremely fast. These fish are able to reach speeds upwards of 50 miles per hour in mere seconds, making for an exhilarating fight (especially that first, prolific run).

While wahoo may be one of the more difficult varieties of fish to catch, the highest catch rates are off the coast of Venice, Louisiana. The most popular months for catching these elusive creatures are January, February, and June, but there are many other times of the year when we will help you boat a wahoo.

Your boat captain will take you 15-20 miles off the coast, to places such as oil rig platforms where these fish are caught most frequently. We know all of the best hotspots, and will give you the ultimate gulf fishing experience.

Take Home an Impressive Trophy Fish

There is nothing quite like the experience of reeling in a wahoo. They are the fastest species of mackerel found in American waters, and can easily run out hundreds of yards of line in just a heartbeat!

Wahoo caught off the coast of Louisiana are typically 30-40 pounds, but it is certainly not very unusual to reel in some that are 80, 90, or over 100 pounds. If you find yourself lucky enough to catch multiple wahoo, you don’t have to worry about a bag limit, as this fish is not targeted commercially and there are no current restrictions.

If you are ready for an exciting Venice, Louisiana wahoo charter fishing trip, contact us today to book your day on the water.

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