Chase Big Tuna at the Midnight Lump With Captain Brett Ryan in Venice, Louisiana

One of the many reasons Venice, Louisiana attracts so many fishermen each year is because of the unique underwater landmark that is located just 50 miles from port in an area known as the Midnight Lump. The lump is a winter fishing hotspot and is actually a large formation created by a salt dome. This tall dome causes the water to quickly become shallow (with depths around 200 to 250 feet), which traps small baitfish in the current where the BIG FISH can get them.

With large numbers of baitfish trapped here, you will also find the big “pigs” as we call them – yellowfin tuna of 200+ pounds – lurking nearby to feed, and turning grown men into babies after a backbreaking fight.

The Midnight Lump

Get the Most Out of Your Lump Fishing Experience

When you take one of our charters to the Midnight Lump, you have the advantage of having a knowledgeable and experienced boat captain, a reliable vessel, and a great supply of gear and equipment. We can design a lump fishing trip for you that will enable you to best increase your chances of having an unforgettable catch, taking you to the best locations at the ideal times based on the time of year, weather and current conditions.

Visiting the lump is great for experienced fisherman as well as those on their very first fishing trip. While the lump provides world class fishing opportunities, especially for big fish, the waters are sometimes fairly rough during that time of year. It is necessary to take extra safety precautions and wear the proper gear. This also means asking for advice if you suffer from motion sickness as we can suggest a few remedies ahead of time which may help.

Fish Caught While Fishing the Midnight Lump

Lump fishing is all about chasing giant yellow fin tuna. However a typical trip will also include stops at other structures and rigs along the way to target wahoo and other species.

The midnight lump obviously attracts a lot of fish, as well as a ton of fishermen. If you are interested in visiting more secluded and lesser-known fishing areas off of the coast of Venice, LA, we will help you with this as well. Please call early as lump season books up quickly!

Contact us today to book an unforgettable charter fishing trip out of Venice, Louisiana to the Midnight Lump.

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